Chiefs Return From 0-24 to Beat the Texans in AFC Divisional Round

Chiefs' star quarterback Patrick Mahomes in 2019. Photo by Jason Pohuski/CSM/Shutterstock

Kansas City Chiefs’ postseason run seemed over just one quarter into their Sunday’s AFC Divisional Round game against Houston Texans. They made some costly mistakes and fell behind 21 points, facing the inevitable end of their efforts to reach the Super Bowl. Then the Texans scored a field goal to open the second quarter, and Chiefs looked like they have no chance of getting back into the game. But Kansas City’s offense and quarterback Patrick Mahomes didn’t intend to give up just yet.

Following Houston’s FG score, Chiefs responded with a monstrous second quarter in which they scored 28 unanswered points and entered the halftime with a 28-24 lead. En route to comeback, Mahomes tied the NFL record with four touchdown passes in one quarter.

Chiefs continued in the same manner in the second half, scoring 13 more points before Texans responded with a touchdown. But Houston couldn’t do much more, and Kansas City cruised to end the game with 51-31 written on the scoreboard. This was the first time in the history of NFL playoffs that one team won the contest by 20 points after trailing 20 points at one moment.

“These are things that we haven’t done,” Reid said. “That’s not us, right? It was just a matter of settling it down and calming the storm and making sure that our guys knocked whatever rust off and calmed down and made plays. We’ve been doing that all year, and it was important we got back to doing that. We were able to rebound. A lot of teams can’t do that.”

Kansas City Chiefs will now face the Tennessee Titans, who previously upset top-seeded Baltimore Ravens, in the AFC Championship game next weekend.

In the second Sunday’s game, Green Bay Packers defeated Settle Seahawks 28-23 and will face San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game.