Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes Details Buying Royals Ownership Stake

Chiefs' star quarterback Patrick Mahomes in 2019. Photo by Jason Pohuski/CSM/Shutterstock

Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes played both baseball and football at Texas Tech, but ended up choosing to focus solely on the latter in his junior year. However, Mahomes kept his love for baseball and decided to be involved in the sport in another way by recently purchasing minority ownership stake with the Kansas City Royals.

In a video conference with reporters on Sunday, Mahomes decided to reveal further details about this venture.

“I love baseball,” said Mahomes. “I grew up in clubhouses. I love everything about it.”

According to Mahomes, he used the opportunity when Royals switched owners in 2019 to get involved.

“And whenever the Royals got bought last year by the Shermans, I wanted to be a part of it,” he added while clarifying why it took so long for things to become official.

“It took a little bit of time, those things take time. It took almost a year to get all of the language right and do it at the right timing with everything going on in the world, obviously, but we were able to do it and they were able to let me join in with them and be part of something that’s going to be long-term and be in Kansas City for a long time.”

Royals were purchased by an ownership group led by Kansas City businessman John Sherman for $1 billion from longtime owner David Glass. Besides Sherman, the group also includes more than 20 investors, who all have local ties.

Patrick Mahomes was considered a top baseball prospect entering college, and had his name in the 2014 Major League Baseball draft. Most teams decided to stay away from him due to his commitment to play football at Texas Tech, but Detroit Tigers ended up drafting him in the 37th round regardless.

Mahomes split his time during the first two years on Texas Tech between football and baseball but ended up quitting baseball ahead of his junior year in which he became the starting QB of the Red Raiders.