Chiefs Agree to 10-Year Extension with QB Patrick Mahomes

Chiefs' star quarterback Patrick Mahomes in 2019
Chiefs' star quarterback Patrick Mahomes in 2019. Photo by Jason Pohuski/CSM/Shutterstock

2018 League MVP and this year’s Super Bowl-winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to a massive contract extension with his team which will end up being the biggest contract in the history of the league.

Mahomes agreed to a ten-year deal with the Chiefs on Monday, a deal which is expected to not only be the richest in the history of the NFL, but also the richest in the history of professional sports.

The deal, which will keep Mahomes in Kansas City until 2031, will reportedly pay Mahomes a base salary of around $450 million with bonuses that could raise the contract’s value above $500 million.

The contract extension also reportedly contains a no-trade clause as well as an injury guarantee of $180 million.

While this deal has no precedents in the history of sports, it’s easy to see why the Chiefs agreed to this huge commitment to keep its biggest star in town. Mahomes has become arguably the league’s best quarterback over the past two seasons, leading his team to its first ever Super Bowl victory earlier this year.

While it wasn’t cheap to do so, the team now knows that it is set at the quarterback position for the next decade.

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