Buccaneers WR DeSean Jackson Wants the Team to Keep QB Ryan Fitzpatrick as a Starter

DeSean Jackson catching a pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick. Photo by Del Mecum/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one of the biggest surprises in 2018 NFL season so far, having managed two convincing wins against tough opponents. One of the key reasons for this success is the team’s quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is currently playing the best football of his career. To make things even more interesting, Fitzpatrick initially supposed to be a backup and got the starting gig when Bucs’ starting QB Jameis Winston received a three-game suspension.

Once Winston becomes eligible to play in Week 4, Buccaneers will have to make a difficult decision when it comes to their starting quarterback, but it seems like Ryan Fitzpatrick will retain the job as long as he plays well. The 35-year-old even has his teammates publicly stating that they want him to remain a starter. The latest one to do so was wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who is trying to convince his team to let Fitzpatrick continue his hot streak.

He’s been playing on fire right now,” – said Jackson during his appearance on NFL Network on Monday. “With the way the team is rallying behind him and just playing lights-out football, you have to kind of honor it. You know what I’m saying? You can’t take the hot man out. You got the hot fire right now. It’s like ‘NBA Jam.’ We used to play ‘NBA Jam’ — whoever’s got that hot fire shot, you got to keep shooting, man.

And it has been one hot streak indeed. In the first two games of the season, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 151.5 passer rating and 819 passing yards are the highest in NFL when compared to other quarterbacks. He also completed 78 percent of his passes and passed for eight touchdowns while rushing for one.

He’s putting on a show,” – Jackson added. “It’s not my decision, but I’m sure Dirk and [offensive coordinator Todd] Monken and the guys that make those calls, they’ll make sure they stay on fire until that fire is out.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick will get a chance to keep up with the good games and secure the starting spot against Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.