Bengals OL Carl Lawson: It’s Easier to Sack Aaron Rodgers Than Most QBs”

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Photo by Scott Kinser/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers had a bit of a down year in 2018, seeing his production taking a dip due to injury struggles. He was also literally down most of the time as he was sacked whooping 49 times this past season.

Cincinnati Bengals’ outside linebacker Carl Lawson now decided to share his opinion on the fact that Rogers is getting sacked a lot, saying that Packers’ QB is an easy target due to his attempts to make big plays.

“Honestly, I think it’s easier to sack Aaron Rodgers than most quarterbacks,” – said Lawson during his appearance on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. “He sits there, and he pats the ball. At the same time, sacking him don’t mean nothing if you don’t do it for four quarters. You know, he came back against us. ”

Lawson then shared his opinion on the quarterbacks that are most harder to sack, saying it is usually a challenge to do it against younger QBs and of course, Tom Brady.

“The toughest to sack?” – he added. “Those young quarterbacks that offensive coordinators like to protect,” Lawson said. “Maybe a (Mitchell) Trubisky, or someone like that. The guys that sit there maybe like five (steps), get the quick reads. The guys that are like — I’m not calling them not elite or nothing like that — but the guys that kind of have more help in their offense than opposed to (guys like Rodgers). And Tom Brady. I haven’t sacked him or played against him, I’ve just watched him. I watched the film and like ‘Oh, he’s getting that out in like 1.9, 2 (seconds).'”

Despite his short time in the NFL, Lawson managed to establish himself as a gifted pass rusher. In 21 games he played in the league so far, he managed to collect 9.5 sacks.