Bears Say QB Mitch Trubisky Was Benched Due to an Injury, Not Bad Play

Bears Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (10). photo by Mike Wulf/CSM/REX/Shutterstock (9984635aj)

Chicago Bears’ disappointing season continued in Week 11 when they suffered a 17-7 loss to Los Angeles Rams. The talk after the game, however, wasn’t the loss itself, but the fact that their starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky was benched in the fourth quarter despite Bears still having a chance to get back.

Considering Trubisky’s bad performance against Rams, and overall in 2019, most of the analysts thought that coach Matt Nagy decided to insert backup Chase Daniel for a comeback attempt. The move didn’t help, as Daniel completed just one pass during his time on the field.

Now Bears decided to address the rumors of Trubisky’s benching with Nagy saying on Monday that the 25-year-old signal-caller left the game due to a hip injury.

According to Nagy, Trubisky’s injury got worse as the game went on and he was in such pain at one point that he couldn’t sit on the bench.

“What ended up happening over time with him was it became stiff and tighter and tighter,” – Nagy explained. “We ended up keeping an eye on it and noticing that we wanted to be careful of it affecting his play. … I knew he had a hip deal but it wasn’t significant to not play. But over time the stiffness got to a point to where he really wasn’t even able to sit on the bench. That’s when I became aware of it and we kept an eye on him for a series and a half.”

Mitch Trubisky is now expected to sit out in the Week 12 game against the New York Giants nursing the hip injury. Bears, however, might not be a lot worse without him as Trubisky’s numbers rank among the worst in the league.

Trubisky threw for only 1,580 yards and nine touchdowns this season, while also adding four interceptions.