Antonio Brown Signs With Patriots Hours After Release

Antonio Brown. Photo by AFF-USA/Shutterstock (10100481o)

After a roller-coaster day in which Antonio Brown was cut by the Oakland Raiders, he got the last laugh as he signed with the Patriots hours after the fiasco.

The deal is reportedly worth up to $15 million and includes a $9 million signing bonus. The New England Patriots gave him an offer of only one year, a big decline from the lucrative contract he had in Oakland, but after all of his off the field antics, it may turn out to be a good choice for both sides.

The Patriots have shown time and time again that they will do all that they can to put the best players on the field no matter what. They have shown it with Josh Gordon who they have kept on their roster despite his many off the field problems, due to his incredible talent. The most famous case is Aaron Hernandez, but there have been many players in the past two decades who the New England front office has believed in, despite the problems that go along with them.

With the addition of Brown, the Patriots set of receivers now looks like one of the best in the league with Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon, and Antonio Brown all able to put up huge numbers from the position. While many teams criticize players like Brown, Bill Belichik and the Patriots management continue to look at their talent and give them the best opportunity to thrive, perhaps this is part of the reason why they have been the best franchise in football history.