After Being Released, Brad Miller Says Indians “Don’t Want the Best Guys”

Brad Miller with the Rays. Photo by Del Mecum/Csm/REX/Shutterstock

Cleveland Indians made their utility man Brad Miller designated for assignment on Monday in order to clear a roster spot for their All-Star second baseman Jason Kipnis, who returned from a calf strain injury. It turns out that Indians’ move didn’t sit well with Miller, who slammed the team for the way they’ve treated him.

“They acknowledge that it wasn’t fair,” – Miller told reporters on Tuesday. “But I’m just a player. I go out there and play my hardest and play for the guys next to me. Obviously, they don’t want the best guys up here. So I’m just trying to take it somewhere else and see what we’ve got.”

While Miller didn’t play spectacular baseball this season, he started a year with a solid run during which he batted .250 and hit one home run and had four RBIs. The 29-year-old, who signed with Cleveland in March, served as team’s starting second baseman while also filling other needs which makes his release a puzzling decision.

“I’m a player,” – Miller added. “I really enjoyed playing for Tito [Terry Francona]. That’s why I’m frustrated. I want to be here. I like this group. It’s a good team and I was hoping I’d be a part of it, but they have other plans. I think the writing was on the wall from the get-go. I just hope I can go somewhere else and get after it.”

Brad Miller made his MLB debut with Seattle Mariners in 2013, where he spent three seasons before embarking on stints with Tampa Bay Rays and Milwaukee Brewers. Miller’s career stats include .240 batting average, 76 home runs and 272 RBIs.