Aaron Rodgers: “Packers Kind of Flying Under the Radar”

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers in 2017. Photo by Scott Kinser/CSM/REX/Shutterstock

Despite finishing the last season with a 13-3 record, Green Bay Packers are viewed as an average team entering 2020. The team’s star quarterback Aaron Rodgers seems to be aware of this perception, saying recently that Packers are “kind of flying under the radar.”

But, while many would take an issue with their team being overlooked in Super Bowl conversations, Rodgers looks to an opportunistic side of things.   

“I think the beauty is there’s a lot of conversation about other teams,” said Rodgers while talking with reporters on Wednesday. “I like where we’re at as far as kind of flying under the radar even though we went 13-3 last year. We’ve got a chance to prove what kind of team we are starting the season out on Sunday, and I look forward to the opportunity.”

It is safe to say that Green Bay Packers benefited from a weak division and some lucky breaks during the 2019 regular season, but a similar thing could happen this year. Chicago Bears will still have struggling Mitch Trubinsky at QB, Minnesota Vikings are fresh from completely retooling their defense, while Detroit Lions are … well, Detroit Lions.

However, the Packers still haven’t addressed some of their glaring issues from last season, and this could come back to bite them at some point this season. They have depth issues in several positions, but their biggest need remains a wide receiver. Green Bay didn’t have much past Davante Adams in 2019, and it will be the same thing this year as they failed to bring in a dependable No.2 while passing on several talented wideouts in the draft.

Still, we shouldn’t count out the Packers completely as long as they have Aaron Rodgers under center. Considering the franchise’s latest moves, Rodgers’ time at Lambeau Field is coming to an end, but until that happens, Green Bay shouldn’t be overlooked.