5 Ways the Super Bowl Will Be Different Due to the Pandemic

Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes and Tyrann Mathieu with the Super Bowl trophy in Super Bowl LIV. Photo by Frank Micelotta/Fox Sports/Picturegroup/Shutterstock (10546659v)

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events that takes place in America every year. But it’s just because of the actual football. There are many other reasons people get excited every year about the Super Bowl, and now because of the pandemic, here are the five crucial things that will be different.

Fewer fans

There are still fans being allowed into the building, but considerably less due to the requirements of social distancing. Let’s be real, a football game isn’t really a football without a horde of screaming fans in the stands.

Smaller Parties

The Super Bowl is also about gathering people together. It’s about having massive barbeques and inviting all of your friends. With social distancing in full effect, there will much less of that excitement.

Less Awesome Commercials

If you didn’t watch Super Bowl commercials, did you even watch the Super Bowl? Unfortunately, most of the big corporate brands that normally make creative commercials won’t be doing it this year. That should be fun…

Less Media Hype

There’s nothing like hundreds of reporters crowded around a star player after winning the Super Bowl, but there surely won’t be anything like that this year.

No Halftime Show

And last, but certainly not the least, the Super Bowl is known for its awesome Halftime Show. We’ve seen countless great productions at the Super Bowl halftime over the years, but this year it’ll be watered down completely. Although The Weeknd is set to perform, you certainly won’t see hordes of fans crowded around the stage like normal.