5 Adorably Great Love Stories In Professional Sports

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Being a professional sports star is an incredible feat of human will and skill combined. It takes discipline, drive, and determination in ways that most of us will never have.

So, perhaps, it’s no surprise that folks at the top of their game form relationships with other stars—it’s just possible that they really do understand what they are going through. Here are 5 couples whose attraction definitely included a sporting element.

Andre Agassi And Steffi Graf, Tennis Star Couple

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Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf have really been at the top of their game—both are world champion tennis players with significant careers.

In 1992, they both stood on the Centre Court of Wimbledon to lift their respective singles trophies. Today, they’re a happy couple who have been married for over 16 years with two children to show for it.

Laila Ali And Curtis Conway—Boxing Meets Football

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Laila Ali’s father started her love affair with boxing, but she carved out her own incredible career as possibly the best female boxer of all time. She is now married to NFL star Curtis Conway, who she regularly has to remind to “get out of the kitchen.” They’ve had two beautiful children together.

When she’s not keeping an immaculately-run house, she manages her own line of hair styling products.

Rory McIlroy And Caroline Wozniacki Love On The Greens

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Not all love stories have happy endings. Rory McIlroy was the world’s best golfer for an incredible 95 weeks as number one in the official rankings. Caroline was number one for 67 weeks on the women’s tour. So they may have seemed perfect for each other.

However, when she got pushy for them to get married in 2014, Rory got cold feet and called the whole thing off. Golf’s power couple was over.

Ray Ferraro And Cammi Granato, Hockey Honeys

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We know, hockey doesn’t have quite the presence of the NFL or NBA just yet—but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t awesome love stories being told off-rink.

Cammi Granato was the woman who led her country to victory in the Olympic Games in 1998 and then picked up a silver medal to join the gold one in 2002. Ray Ferrero played at a club level where he scored more than 400 goals and picked up more than 500 assists. Together, they are hockey’s most successful couple.

A Racing Romance For Danica Patrick And Ricky Senthouse Jr.

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In 2010, Ricky became the Nationwide Series’ “Rookie of the Year.” Then he took his stock car racing game to a whole new level by winning the series in 2011 and then repeating the feat in 2012.

Then he started dating Danica Patrick, a heroine of American open-wheel racing. They both clearly rev each other’s engines. It must be an amazing thing to rise to the top of your game and find someone to share your life at the same level!